Last Updated: August 21, 2023
1. Safety and Civility
At the heart of our community lie physical and psychological safety, while civility forms the cornerstone for a thriving environment. Being civil doesn't necessitate universal agreement; rather, it's about acknowledging everyone's inherent dignity and engaging respectfully in actions, words, and tone.
Violent Behaviors and Criminal Activities
Our commitment is to foster connections without seeding physical conflict. We understand that online content related to violence can lead to real-world harm. Thus, we prohibit any form of violent threats, incitement to violence, or promotion of criminal activities that might endanger people, animals, or property. In instances of specific, credible, and imminent threats to human life or severe physical injury, we report to relevant law enforcement authorities.
Hate Speech and Hateful Behaviors
Our community thrives on diverse backgrounds, and these differences deserve respect rather than division. We strictly prohibit any form of hateful behavior, hate speech, or endorsement of ideologies targeting individuals or groups based on protected attributes such as race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, and others listed below.
Violent and Hateful Organizations and Individuals
Our platform doesn't tolerate entities propagating violence or hate. We actively prevent the presence of violent extremists, hate organizations, and individuals promoting such beliefs. Content discussing violent political organizations is allowed only under specific criteria, ensuring alignment with international legal frameworks without promoting violence.
Youth Exploitation and Abuse
Tomo is a space for exploration and learning, ensuring a safe experience for young individuals during their developmental phase. We staunchly prohibit youth exploitation, including various forms of abuse, and report incidents to relevant authorities to ensure swift action and support for survivors.
Sexual Exploitation and Gender-Based Violence
Maintaining a space that upholds gender equity and respects intimate privacy is crucial. We prohibit sexual exploitation and gender-based violence, supporting survivors and taking necessary actions against perpetrators.
Human Exploitation
Respecting individual dignity is paramount, and our platform does not condone any form of human exploitation, including trafficking and smuggling. We provide a space for survivors to share their stories and for migrants and refugees to document their journeys without exploitation.
Harassment and Bullying
While encouraging diverse viewpoints, we strictly forbid toxic behavior, ensuring an environment where voices can be shared without fear of degradation or bullying. Harassment, threats, and retaliatory actions are strictly prohibited.
2. Mental and Behavioral Health
We deeply value the well-being of our community and strive to create a space that fosters happiness, enrichment, and a sense of belonging without negatively impacting anyone's physical or psychological health.
Suicide and Self-Harm
We aim for Tomo to be a platform where complex topics can be discussed in a supportive manner without posing a risk of harm. Therefore, we strictly prohibit displaying, endorsing, or sharing plans for suicide or self-harm.
Disordered Eating and Body Image
We aim to promote self-esteem and discourage negative social comparisons. Therefore, we prohibit displaying or endorsing disordered eating behaviors or dangerous weight loss methods.
Dangerous Activities and Challenges
While we encourage participation in fun trends, some activities pose a risk of severe injury. Hence, we prohibit showcasing or promoting dangerous activities, dares, games, or behaviors that may cause significant physical harm.
3. Sensitive and Mature Themes
Tomo offers content spanning from family-friendly to more mature, considering developmental and cultural differences globally. We respect local contexts and refrain from imposing one country's norms on another.
Sexual Activity and Services
Tomo facilitates discussions on sexuality, sex, and reproductive health while being mindful of age appropriateness and potential exploitation. We prohibit sexual activity or services, encompassing sex, sexual arousal, fetish behavior, and seeking/offering sexual services—excluding reproductive health and sex education content.
Nudity and Body Exposure
Respecting diverse body types, we aim to maintain comfort while adhering to prevailing cultural norms. We do not allow nudity, including uncovered genitals, buttocks, nipples, or areolas, with exceptions for specific situations like medical treatment, education, or culturally accepted practices.
Sexually Suggestive Content
Performances and dances expressing creativity or cultural celebration are encouraged, with restrictions on sexually suggestive behaviors that may be offensive or pose risks, particularly to young people. Seductive performances or explicit sexual references by young individuals are not permitted. Some artistic content with sexual references, like song lyrics, is allowed.
Shocking and Graphic Content
While Tomo thrives on diverse content, intentional attempts to shock, upset, or disgust others are prohibited. Content featuring extreme violence, gore, or disturbing material is not allowed. Certain content, like human or animal blood, is age-restricted.
Animal Abuse
Our platform values and respects animals across cultures and regions, prohibiting any form of animal abuse, cruelty, neglect, trade, or exploitation.
4. Integrity and Authenticity
At Tomo, ensuring access to reliable information, original content, and authentic interactions is pivotal for fostering a trustworthy and accountable community, both on and off the platform.
We strive for a shared understanding based on factual information. Misleading or false content causing significant harm—be it physical, psychological, societal, or property-related—is strictly prohibited, regardless of intent. We utilize independent fact-checking partners and previous fact-checked claims to verify content accuracy.
Civic and Election Integrity
Maintaining an open dialogue during elections is vital. Tomo does not permit paid political promotion, advertising, or fundraising by politicians or parties. Misinformation about civic and electoral processes is not allowed, including false claims about voting procedures, candidate eligibility, ballot counting, and election outcomes.
Synthetic and Manipulated Media
While embracing technological advancements, clear disclosure is required for synthetic or manipulated media depicting realistic scenes. Protection against abuse of public figures and prevention of deceptive content related to political or financial matters are priorities. Misleading synthetic media or endorsements by public figures are prohibited.
Fake Engagement
We uphold the importance of authentic engagement and oppose attempts to artificially inflate engagement metrics or deceive Tomo's recommendation system.
Unoriginal Content and QR Codes
Tomo encourages originality, respecting intellectual property rights. Content violating these rights will be removed. Unoriginal or reproduced content lacking creative alterations or containing QR codes is ineligible for certain features.
Spam and Deceptive Account Behaviors
Authenticity is crucial, and we prohibit behaviors that mislead or spam the community. Covert influence operations, spam, impersonation, and deceptive multiple account usage are strictly forbidden.
5. Regulated Goods and Commercial Activities
At Tomo, we prioritize providing information that supports informed decisions while mitigating risks associated with certain goods or activities. We moderate content involving goods or activities that may pose risks, such as being addictive, hazardous, fraudulent, or requiring heightened caution.
While games of chance offer entertainment, the potential for serious financial loss or addiction is acknowledged. Hence, we prohibit the promotion of gambling services.
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs
Personal choices regarding alcohol, drugs, and tobacco are respected, yet we do not permit showcasing or promoting recreational drug use or trading these substances. Additionally, content depicting young individuals possessing or consuming these substances is prohibited.
Firearms and Dangerous Weapons
The educational content on responsible weapon use is allowed, but we strictly forbid the trade or promotion of firearms or explosive weapons in unsafe contexts.
Trade of Regulated Goods and Services
Regulated goods and services play significant roles but are not suitable for illicit trade or unofficial markets. Facilitating the trade of regulated, prohibited, or high-risk goods like firearms, substances, and counterfeit items is prohibited.
Commercial Disclosures and Paid Promotion
Authenticity is vital, especially regarding goods or services discussed on Tomo. Creators promoting goods in return for value must disclose this using our branded content tool or in captions. Paid political promotion is strictly prohibited.
Frauds and Scams
Tomo aims to provide a safe platform for learning about responsible financial practices without concerns about scams or exploitation. Therefore, attempts to defraud or scam our community members are not tolerated.
6. Privacy and Security
At Tomo, safeguarding your privacy rights and maintaining platform security are fundamental in earning and upholding your trust and safety.
Personal Information
Recognizing the wide-reaching nature of online content, we are dedicated to preventing any intentional or accidental sharing of personal information that may lead to stalking, violence, phishing, fraud, identity theft, or financial exploitation. Content containing such personal details, whether self-posted or shared with consent, is not allowed on Tomo.
If you encounter a privacy violation, you can report it through our platform.
Platform Security
Tomo is committed to protecting both individuals and information. Unauthorized access to any part of the platform, attempts to acquire sensitive, confidential, commercial, or personal information, and any actions compromising the security, integrity, or reliability of our platform are strictly prohibited.
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